Adelaide Hills Distillery Desert Strength Gin

An overproof gin that champions modern Australian botanicals, 78 ̊ Desert Strength celebrates the vast, sun drenched deserts of Central Australia & the unique food this arid environment offers.

Dessert Gin

Higher proof, well balanced & bold; this gin is citrus forward, soaked with three species of house roasted wattleseed creating a golden hue & allowing incredible roasted and toasty flavours of the Australian Desert to shine through..

This product is handcrafted and bottled in The Adelaide Hills.


Acacia Victoriae | Stone fruit, dark chocolate & toffee
Acacia Kempeana | Carob pod, dried fruit & sunflower seed
Acacia Coriacea | Cocoa, roasted coffee & burnt sugar
Juniper & Coriander | Fresh pine, resinous & spice
Riverland Orange | Bright citrus notes
Blood Lime | Mandarin peel, floral & purfumed
Native Pepperberry | Spicy, peppery & hints of basil

Alcohol Type:
Alcohol Volume:
  • 700ml

The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is home to some of Australia’s most revered farms, orchards and gourmet producers, with its celebrated cool climate providing perfect conditions for growers and farmers alike. From this enviable landscape, we take the inspiration for Adelaide Hills Distillery. To use only the highest quality produce, sourced both locally and from other premium regions both interstate and around the world. To make use of the premium water available in our backyard. And to make this commitment to quality our driving philosophy.