Buffalo Trace

Handcrafted, small batch bourbon; every barrel is tasted for approval by an expert panel including the distillery’s master distiller and quality control director, selecting no more than 50 barrels for every bottling run. Every bottle is hand-corked for final approval. Recipient of a double gold medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The spirit is crafted using the original “Rye recipe” for Bourbon – corn, rye and barley. Only whiskies aged between 8-12 years are selected for Buffalo Trace.

Alcohol Type:
American Whiskey, Bourbon
Alcohol Volume:
  • 750ml

Light bronze in colour with streaks of gold, Buffalo Trace bears a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses. The taste is pleasantly sweet and contains notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak and leather with a long and dry finish.

In Kentucky, Buffalo carved out a pathway that was followed by America’s first pioneers and explorers. On the spot where their migration route crossed the Kentucky River, the Buffalo Trace distillery has been making bourbon for over 220 years. The Buffalo Trace distillery has been named ‘distiller of the year’ 7 times and is the most award winning distillery in the world.