Hayman’s Sloe Gin

Carefully selected, wild, English grown sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Hayman’s Gin before being blended with natural sugar.

Sloe Gin has been a popular drink along side other fruit gins, from the 19th century onwards. Traditionally sipped as a digestive, it is enjoyed on its own, over ice or as a long drink as well as an important ingredient in classic cocktails such as

Sloe Gin Fizz, Charlie Chaplin and The Blackthorne.

Taken from Hayman’s:


There’s a gentle art to making our Sloe Gin, which is essential in achieving just the right balance of berries and gin. We steep sloe berries with Hayman’s Gin carefully for several months before blending with natural sugars. Always by hand, of course. It’s this refined process that ensures your experience will be one reminiscent of drinking the traditional Sloe Gin that was popular in cocktails and as a winter warmer in the 1800s.

Try neat with a wedge of lime as an aperitif. Or with sparkling wine for something a little more special.

Alcohol Type:
Alcohol Volume:
26% ABV
  • 700ml


A ruby red liqueur with smooth and intense bitter sweet fruit flavours.

A fruity, marzipan and almond aroma delivers flavours of wild plum and dried apricot which finish with a delicate dryness.


Simply delicious…

Hayman’s Gins are produced by Hayman Distillers, a UK independent family company who dates back to the 1800s when James Burrough, great grandfather of the current Chairman Christopher Hayman, created Beefeater Gin.

Hayman benefits from five generations of distilling expertise, owning, management and developing niche premium spirit products that are exported across the world.