Southern Comfort and Cola RTD

A perfect mix of Southern Comfort and Cola which encapsulates the essence of America’s south.

An inspired bartender named M.W. Heron created Southern Comfort in a small bar in New Orleans. He took the harsh unrefined whiskeys of the time, mixed them with his own blend of fruits and spices and bottled a uniquely sweet and smooth spirit, unlike any other. More than 140 years later, his unique creation is still enjoyed at celebrations all over the world. No matter what the occasion.

Alcohol Type:
American Whiskey, RTD, Whisky Liqueur
Alcohol Volume:
  • 330ml

A fusion of peach, spices and Bourbon that is beautifully combined with cola.

In 1874, lifelong southerner M. W. Heron took harsh Whiskeys of the time and mixed them with his own blend of fruit and spices to create a Whiskey that could be enjoyed comfortably. Originally called Cuffs and Buttons and later re-named Southern Comfort, it was heavily influenced by the soulful and vibrant spirit of New Orleans. Following Sazerac’s acquisition in 2016, the Grand Old Drink of the South is primed to return to its roots. The major change being the re-introduction of Whiskey into the formula, a true nod to M.W. Heron’s original recipe and idea – to create a Whiskey that could be enjoyed comfortably and by everyone. A Whiskey to match its hometown, Southern Comfort is a Whiskey to mirror the spirit of New Orleans’, Unique, vibrant, inclusive and most of all a spirited character.