The Fine Drinks Movement.

The FDM is all about creating the next generation bartender as well as providing refresher info to seasoned bartenders! We include modules on everything from Bartender Basics, Classic Cocktails, every spirit category you can think of, plus a whole lot more!  It’s a fun and engaging way of getting an education and it’s free.

It also doubles as a personal recipe ‘black book’ that members can upload and save their favourite recipes… No more bev naps and wet till receipts!

We engage bartenders and take them on a journey through education which will result in certificates and an industry recognised qualification!

It’s a fine way to add value to your CV – it’s a drinks thing – and it’s a movement we’ve all been waiting for!

The FDM Team

Distributing premium alcoholic beverages

SouthTrade International is an independent, forward-thinking sales and marketing company.   The primary business objective of SouthTrade is to create and develop robust, long-term luxury and specialist beverage brands in Australia and New Zealand.

SouthTrade has a strong and committed distribution and sales network in all states of Australia and New Zealand.  The business prides itself on having a greater focus on Training and Education than any competitor in the drinks industry.

SouthTrade is managed by an experienced team that have worked on premium drinks brands in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  SouthTrade is led by two Directors who share more than 40 years’ experience in Liquor Marketing and Brand Building.

SouthTrade is a diverse, energetic, passionate and fun workplace.  Members of the SouthTrade team originate from Wales, Scotland, Canada, Austria, China, Bangladesh, Italy, Columbia and New Zealand.