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Corazón Tequila, Keeping Tradition Alive

Blue Agave

A Spirit of History

For over 130 years, Corazon has been perfecting the art and Tequila. Distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Corazón Tequila is made from the region’s 100% Blue Weber agave.  In true fashion to the original family recipe, the artisans at Corazón develop techniques for ageing and create new ways for tequila drinkers to experience spirit that is Corazón.


Tequila Agave

Corazón is Spanish for Heart

The  piña or “heart” of each agave plant is the reason why Tequila exists. These hearts are nurtured and harvested in the Highlands and used to create Corazón. Corazon also refers to the heart and passion of the team who have embarked on a journey to create the best Tequila.


Wood Oven

Location, Location, Location

Just like Champagne and other fine wines, tequila is a drink that takes its name from its region of origin.  Located in the Highlands of Jalisco is Casa San Matias, this family-owned distillery oversees the team and the creation of all Corazón Tequilas. Every part of the Tequila crafting process happens here, from the agave harvest to the bottling of the spirit, keeping Corazón true to the storied craft of Tequila.


Casa San Matias was the first tequila distillery to participate in the United Nations’ Carbon Footprint Program. They ‘re committed to looking for ways to enhance traditional process with environmentally sound practices, such as an onsite biodigester which breaks down organic waste created in the Corazón distilling process, transforming it into a source of renewable energy and fertiliser.


The Core Range




Signature Serve: Paloma


45ml Corazón Reposado Tequila 

60ml Grapefruit Juice

10ml Lime Juice 

10ml Sugar Syrup

Top With Fever Tree Soda Water 


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