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The Story of Mr. Black

Mr Black

Mr. Black started in 2013 with a chance meeting between coffee-nerd and designer, Tom Baker, and Australian distilling royalty, Phillip Moore! As the meeting progressed, Moore handed Baker some of his coffee liquor.  Tom took a sip and  shouted but one thing…

“Holy f***, this is delicious. Every bar in the world needs a bottle of this. “- Tom Baker

From this, Mr. Black was born!

Founders Image- Mr. Black


The Coffee:


The Coffee- Mr. Black



The Process:

The Process- Mr. Black

The Process- Mr. Black

The Process- Mr. Black

The Process- Mr. Black

The Process- Mr.Black


The Facts of Mr. Black 

  1. Proudly Australian made at 25 Portsmouth Road, Erina NSW.

  2. Roasted and brewed by experts.

  3. Real coffee. No added flavourings or colourings.

  4. 100% specialty-grade Arabica Coffee. The best coffee money can buy.

  5. Over 10x the coffee and half the sugar of  old world liqueurs.

  6. Mr. Black is the house pour at the world’s best bar(s)

  7. Make better cocktails with Mr. Black

  8. Bottled under nitrogen

  9. Hand labeled

  10. The best way to take your coffee into the night



Signature Cocktail:

Cold Fashioned 

Cold Fashioned- Mr. Black



60ml Mr. Black

30ml Rye Whiskey

Dash of Orange Bitters

Dash of Xocolatl Mole Bitters


For more Mr. Black cocktails visit the FDM Cocktail Bible!