Our Community

Our Message To You

Hey there FDMers,

This is just a quick message to say hello, ask how you’re doing, and to say that that we are here for you in these telling times of uncertainty and confusion.

We expect all our community to come together and unite in helping each other through this.

When we are faced with time on our hands, sometimes it’s easy to get lost.

Let’s keep our body and minds active and positive and use this time to be creative and extend our knowledge of this amazing industry.

Our community is open for all to join, to share and to be a part of a positive vibe and a message of strength, solidarity and resolve.

Make sure you stay well, keep healthy and be in touch with each other on whatever platform you choose:

FDM – Bartender Networks – House Party – Social Media – Zoom – Google Hangouts, and the many other various ways to stay in touch!

Look out for the amazing ‘home workout routines’ that are on offer or just create a space in your place where you can exercise through the day. Little and often is the key.

Stay tuned for news updates, bartender incentives, and stock pack opportunities

Take good care of yourselves, your friends, and families. Do the right thing and let’s get through this together!


Team FDM