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Southern Comfort x Barney Cools

Southern Comfort x Barney Cools

via Drinks Bulletin 

Southern Comfort has collaborated with Aussie lifestyle brand Barney Cools to release a fashion range.

The partnership came about after Barney Cools recent trip to New Orleans where they experienced the unique culture on offer.

Co-Founder Barney Cools Nat Taubman said: “After our first trip to NOLA recently, we had a eureka moment that we had to share with Aussies. The culture over there was so unique. It’s all about freedom of expression, inclusivity, southern hospitality and a never-ending good time. Southern Comfort embodies these qualities and it’s brand home is NOLA, so it was perfect.”

The collaboration will be coming to life through parties, paired with both brands creating a range of limited edition clothing to that will be made available to Aussies in the off and on trade with partnered customers.

Kicking off the partnership from February 2, 2019, Southern Comfort will be offering on-premise exclusive Crawfish Hats and Party Shirts to leading influencers around Australia.
Brand manager James Johnstone explained: “Just like Southern Comfort is the perfect blend of whiskey and spice, we’re blending Southern Comfort with the spice of a great Aussie brand. Our Barney Cools partnership allows us to bring the Spirit of New Orleans to the people of Australia through experiences and clothing that they already love.
“Barney Cools have taken the essences of Southern Comfort and New Orleans, becoming a cultural ambassador for Southern Comfort that the Australian market can recognise. We’ll be unveiling the range with a launch party at a surprise Sydney location on February 2 and eager to evolve the relationship with further products in 2019.”