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Starward Constellations Cocktail Competition 2018

STARWARD is inspired by local icons of Melbourne.

The city we call home is embedded in Australia’s rich wine industry, a constantly evolving food and drink culture and an intense, ever-shifting climate.

In this year’s installation of the STARWARD Constellations Cocktail Competition, we want to get to know you on an intimate level.

Show us what you think is iconic about where you call home.





  • No more than six ingredients
  • Showcases the character of STARWARD’s spirit (using at least 30mL of STARWARD Solera or Wine Cask)
  • Tells your locally iconic story
  • Able to replicate in 15 minutes at the national finals



Show us what you think is iconic about where you call home.

Get creative and tell us the story of what is unique and special about where you’re from.

Your inspiration could be a person, a flavour, a smell, a place, a memory or a piece of local history. This theme really comes down to you and your personal story.

Take your own inspiration from what you believe is locally iconic and craft the story into liquid form to create an experience only you could.



April 26 – Entries Open

May 17 – Entries Close

May 18 – June 7 – Round One Judging

June 8 – Finalists Announced

July 6 – State Finals flown to Starward Distillery in Port Melbourne

July 7 – 8 – Finals Competition at Starward Distillery – Winner Announced

July 9 – Finalists flown back to home towns



For more information about this competition (terms and conditions), please click here.