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Alex “Happy” Gilmour

When the Sydney bar fraternity think of Alex “Happy” Gilmour, two words immediately spring to mind – Hospitality and Tequila!

Being hospitable and promoting the focus of Hospitality in the bar industry is of fundamental importance to Happy. When you enter Tio’s Cerveceria in Surry Hills it is the first thing that hits you. The second is Tequila.

Happy started in the industry as a barback in the Red Room nightclub in Sydney before managing to combine his studies in Mechanical Engineering with his first bartending job, catering to students at the Glasshouse Bar at The University of Technology in Sydney.


“Gone are the days when bartenders or any damn fool who picked up a polishing cloth could be rude, insolent or just plain mean. Those days should never have even existed. It’s hospitality. We are here to be hospitable.”


Crucially, his degree included a course in International Studies, which required a year of study abroad. He chose to re-visit one of his favourite destinations from his time travelling around South & Central America – México.

He landed in Guadalajara, which was close enough to the town of Tequila for him to learn, study and indulge his fascination of Tequila.  There, he immersed himself in the culture, the language and the region as well as the processes of distilling their famous spirit.

Upon arriving back in Australia, Happy used his analytical focus on spirits and his natural flair for hospitality in a number of bars including Black Penny where he honed his skills as a craft spirit and cocktail enthusiast before he landed as manager of Tio’s.
There, he continues to host some of the most fun nights you can have in the Sydney bar scene while continuing to sharpen his skills with studying a Masters in Brewing & Distilling.

Happy’s amazing knowledge of the culture, language and traditions of Tequila, coupled with his passion for hospitality make him an asset for FDM and a fountain of knowledge for you.

Be sure to sling some Tequila with Happy at the FDM Tequila Module!