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Elise Godwin

The one out west, Elise Godwin.


FDM- Tell us more about your introduction to the drinks industry?

I was waiting tables since I was 16  to support myself at University but I didn’t start really getting into cocktail bartending until I lived in Vancouver, Canada.


FDM- Where did the cocktail bug first bite?

When I lived in London and I traveled Europe. Instead of going on hostel Pub crawls I used drag my friend around to Find all these cool, independent,  underground bars that were a bit more off the beaten path.


FDM- Favourite drink to sling? Drink you wish didn’t exist? 

Whisky Sour
Strawberry daiquiri


FDM- Give us a pearl of wisdom?

Not everyone’s going to like you, but you should always treat people with the respect that you would like to be treated with.


FDM- We’ve all flubbed at least one shift. What’s your worst?
Probably my first shift behind the well. I made a round of four Woodford old fashioned a too sweet. Whoops


FDM- What one change would you make to improve our industry?

Less ego and seriousness



FDM- What would you be doing if you weren’t working in the drinks industry?


Probably working in my first career, Marine Science


FDM- Transport yourself five years into the future. What does the industry look like?

Owner operators that listen to staff, tighter teams, more staff retention, and more career bartenders!