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FDM Profiles: Brendon Osmers

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Same Face, New Digs

Moving stealthily behind the bar, Brendon Osmers fears no late rush or drink order. Bringing 13 years to the craft it’s no wonder why he keeps the boozehounds coming back for more at Walter’s Bar. You may recognise Brendon from another Brisbane staple, the Gresham, but he just drinks there these days. Walter’s needed and ace, and he was the perfect candidate take on the Bar Manager role. You’re in good hands with Brendon, so head down to Walter’s Bars for an extraordinary cocktail!


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As Brendon prepped for a busy night of cocktail slinging, we tossed a few questions his way!

What’s your favourite part about the bar industry?

First and foremost, the people you get to work with. Also, I’ve always been a night owl, so this industry suits me!


What’s your favourite cocktail? 

Well that really depends on where I’m at and what I’m doing. Two of my fallbacks are an Old Fashioned or a classic Mai Tai.


If you’re not having a drink at Walter’s, where do you grab a beverage at?

I still hangout at the Gresham quite a bit, and I live in the Valley so the Bowery is still one of my locals. I also enjoy going to Heya Bar, which is one of ours. This is where I go for a few cheeky ones on the way home.


If you could eliminate one cocktail from bars worldwide, what would it be?

That’s a real tough call… I’ve always been a little bit against a Dirty Martini. That being said, we do a great one here, and if you don’t like a drink then do your best to make one better. Generally I can get pretty antsy about people ordering Dirty Martinis because quite often there’re not sure what they’re after.


What do you think will be the next trend in the bar industry? 

I’m not so sure really, it comes around in circles and waves. If anything, it’s going to be more of a casual service, and that approach towards wine is something that you’ll start seeing a lot more in Australia.


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