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FDM Profiles: Kate Hoskin

Kate Hoskin

International Woman of Mystery

Little is known about the background of Kate Hoskin. It’s often thought she was once a member of the French Foreign Legion, but if she told us, we may never be heard from again. What we do know if that she has more than ten years behind the bar crafting cocktails and spitting fine chat. Check out her impressive rap sheet below!

Bartender Rap Sheet:

Balmoral, Geisha, Fifteen, 1806, Panama Dining Room, Madame Brussels, Gin Palace, Soho House Berlin, the Black Lodge, the Meatball Wine Bar, Chin Chin, Smith & Daughters, Mister Jennings, Occasional hand at the Black Pearl.


Kate Hoskin Photo

FDM sent a carrier pigeon to Kate with exclusive questions, and here’s what she sent back:


What is your most memorable shift at a bar?

Too many to mention! Countless nights at 1806. Though probably New Year’s Eve at Soho House Berlin 2012. Crazy busy of course, rooftop view of the fireworks in the snow and cleaned up with team tips of over 1500 Euros. That or the time I saw George Clooney do ‘the worm’.


What’s your favourite thing about working in the drinks industry?

The people. The people who make the juice, the people who serve the drinks, the drinkers. The social and community aspect to what we do.


If you weren’t working in the spirits industry, where would you be working?

Probably the film industry. I am a nut for moving pictures.


What advice do you have for someone just starting in the drinks industry?

Be nice. You never know who’s watching.


You win the lottery tomorrow. What’s your first purchase and why?

A forever home that’s big enough to hold my liquor / glassware collection!