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FDM Profiles: Zoltan Ognyenovits

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A Methodical Drink Slinger

Judging from his demeanour, you’d never know that Zoltan Ognyenovits has only been bartending for three years. Starting his career at Blackbird, Zoltan learned everything from distillation to how to serve ten people at once all the while working absolutely insane hours. After cutting his teeth at the famous Brisbane bar he later moved on to become the head bartender at Walter’s Bar.

Everything is a lot more methodical here, and is definitely something that I cherish. This is what I like most about working at Walter’s as opposed to anywhere else.  -Zoltan Ognyenovits


After finishing prep for the upcoming night, Zoltan sat down with FDM for a few questions on all things drinks.


So first and foremost, what’s your favourite cocktail? 

Well, it’s kind of a funny one, but it would have to be a Boulevardier . I find that it’s juicy and delicious!


If you could eliminate one cocktail from bars around the world, what would it be? 

The obvious answer would be the Espresso Martini. I feel like I’ve made enough of those to probably kill a fair few people. I find that people order Espresso Martinis mainly because they don’t really know or aren’t confident in talking to someone about what they actually want. It’s just easier for them to say ” I want an Espresso Martini” than what I actually want. That’s where I’m at.


If you weren’t bartending, what would you be doing? 

A marketing role for sure. I enjoy talking through someone to where they want to be. I’ve done it in the past, and it’s something that I’m really good at.


What’s your hot take for the bar industry? 

Low ABV cocktails and premiumisation of spirits, 100%! It’s where I think the industry is moving. People aren’t drinking cheap things anymore, they’re drinking less, but drinking better.


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