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Morgan Tull: From The Fiddler With Love

Morgan Tull

“First name Morgan, last name Tull, like Jethro, but unfortunately no relation.”

There is only one place for a local kid to venture to for their first legal night of drinking, and that’s The Fiddler! Born and raised in Schofields, Morgan was no different, except he took it one step further when he decided to work there!


While prepping for the afternoon service, Morgan answered a few questions for the FDM!


Old Fashioned

What’s your favourite thing about bartending?

Just meeting people! No two days are the same, and some of the stories I’ve heard….

Actually, the first night I was bartending in the Irish pub here I had a customer tell me he was stressed because he was thinking of leaving his wife! I was like you really gotta think long and hard about that one. To put you on the spot like that is wild. My favourite situation is first dates though. You don’t want to leave the bar so you can hear everything!



Have you really messed up a shift before while you were bartending?

Not badly that I can recall. Once I was sorting out a bar tab that was a couple of grand and I hit enter one too many times and it went through as a cash, and then I had to go back through the system to recall the tab. Then I had to put it through again, but other than that I haven’t stuffed up royally.



Do you have a go-to cocktail at the moment?

An Old Fashioned because I love Bourbon! It was also the first drink that I was ever taught to make so that helps too. As a bartender it’s a drink you have to master. This is also my favourite drink to make! It’s one I could probably make with my eyes closed, and in my sleep. 



How about a least favourite cocktail to make?

If I’m getting absolutely smashed on a Saturday night, it’s probably a Mojito. We’re pretty quick at making them, but we do a classic, a passionfruit and a strawberry. So if they all different ones we can’t just smash them all out. Yeah, Mojitos are probably the worst. 



You’d mentioned that you met your now fiancé at The Fiddler. Would you consider this your fondest memory while working here?

Probably, yeah, I can remember it crystal clear because I’m not allowed to forget it! I was working on a Thursday night and it was about 30 minutes before I was closing the bar. She came into the bar with her friend and I got talking to her and noticed she had an accent so I asked where she was from. I found out that she was from Wales and then we got chatting on how my Dad was from the UK, and how we both love tea and all that stuff. I was doing last drinks, and asked if they were going to stick around because I’d have a drink with you. I was driving so I had a Coke, and she was sitting there with a pint, and I’m thinking SHE LIKES BEER THIS IS AWESOME! They then asked me the best way to organise a taxi, and I asked where they were going and it was just a few streets over. I asked if they wanted a lift, and let my manager know so it’s all good. Dropped her at home and ended up adding her on Facebook. The rest is history, and we get hitched in October here at The Fiddler!


Thank you to Morgan and the rest of The Fiddler crew for having us in for a chat!


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