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Talking Drinks With Sarah Mitchel


Meet Sarah Mitchell, bartender extraordinaire at Boilermaker House in Melbourne. We asked her a few questions about all things drinks related.

FDM – Tell us about your introduction to the drinks industry?
Sarah – I started in a small bar in beautiful Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand where beers, spirits, mixers, and shooters were the order of the day. They served one cocktail called an Illusion!

FDM – Where did the Cocktail Bug first bite?
Sarah – The Illusion wasn’t enough for me but I got a job at bar 1885 in Auckland, and that was the start of my cocktail education. It was a nightclub and it had a beautiful members cocktail bar downstairs.

FDM – Who was the Yoda to your Jedi skills?
Sarah – I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jack Sotti and Alan Raythorne who taught me the skills I needed but more importantly, a passion for the industry and great products.

FDM – Give us a pearl of wisdom?
Sarah- It’s better to stay in a great bar than move to a better job in a worse place.

FDM – We’ve all cocked up on shift – What’s your worst??
Sarah – I was in charge and showing a newbie how to open a bottle of wine when the bottom mysteriously fell out of it!

FDM – Is there a moment when you fell in love with it??
Sarah – I spent two and a half years at a bar called 1885 in Auckland before moving to Melbourne and there I really felt part of a family and it made me like Auckland!

FDM – What one change would you make to improve our industry?
Sarah – I’d like to see more support and emphasis on the Health & Safety of bartenders, both physically and mentally.

FDM – How would you advise a bartender to make extra cash?
Sarah – Don’t party too much and pump all your cash back into your venue!