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FDM Profiles: Ethan “EZ” Enkera

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FDM Educator- Victoria


It is impossible to have a conversation about bartending with EZ without being left with a huge smile on your face and a new found inspiration to make bartending your life’s work. EZ joins the FDM team with a solid 17 years of bartending experience in a huge range of bars from tiny hole-in-the-wall to famous large scale nightclubs to live performance venues.

Having started bartending the very first day he was legally allowed to (after his 18th birthday) and getting his foot in the door working at his local Irish Pub, EZ has since worked in some of Australia’s leading venues in their category such as Family Nightclub Brisbane and The Bowery Cocktail bar Brisbane as well as a mixed basket of personality packed international venues.

“If you cut me, I bleed little Martini glasses” – Ethan EZ Enkera


FDM caught up with EZ to ask him a little bit of everything!


FDM: What is your most memorable shift at a bar?

EZ: So so many. Every Wednesday shift at The Bowery with The Bowery Hot 5 Jazz Band playing was always a memorable shift.



FDM:  If you could eliminate one cocktail from bar menus everywhere, what would it be and why?

EZ: There’s no drink I would eliminate. Every drink has a place and time for it to be enjoyed. I love me a Japanese Slipper now and again  



FDM: You’re stuck on an island for the rest of your life, and can only choose one cocktail to drink for eternity, what is it and why?

EZ: Manhattan. Enjoyable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also a little snack with the cherry!



FDM: What’s your favourite thing about working in the drinks industry?

EZ:  Chatting to people. I love speaking to everyone and hearing their stories. Their life stories and experiences help influence my life path.



FDM:  If you weren’t working in the spirits industry, where would you be working?

EZ: Be the crazy guy on the bus trying to chat to you.



FDM: What will be the next big drinks trend?

EZ: Whatever is happening in USA right now but in 6 months. I feel we are in the 6 month shadow of USA for the last 10 years but slowly moving away and creating our own trends. The recent Fundraisers for the Fires has been super heart-warming though.



FDM: You win the lottery tomorrow. What’s your first purchase and why?

EZ: Full face tattoo because I could. 



FDM: What’s your spirit animal?

EZ: The Brown Bear that I met whilst being under a trance from 40 drummers in a drumming meditation ritual.



FDM: What’s your favourite SouthTrade product?

EZ: Buffalo Trace as it’s my everyday drinker. Tight second would be the Fever Tree Ginger Beer. So refreshing and delicious. 



FDM:  What advice do you have for someone just starting in the drinks industry?

EZ: Work hard, accept every shift, don’t get drunk on shift, go to training sessions and ask questions every day.




FDM: Everyone has at least one horrid shift. What’s your worst bar shift, what happened?

EZ:  I HATE tomato sauce and cleaning other peoples used tomato sauce is a big gross part of my shift (Rather clean toilets) and one day when I cleared a tables plates they had a massive ramekin full to tomato sauce. On my way back to the kitchen someone bumped into me and the ramekin fell to the ground. As I was watching it descend and collide with the ground the sauce bounced back into my face and cover both eyes, both my nostrils, my mouth and my quite large beard. As I was wiping my blinded eyes clean from the hideous contents I coughed which made me breathe in via my tomato sauce filled nostrils resulting in a nose and back throat full of sauce. I have shivers down my spine recounting this soul damaging experience.