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FDM Profiles: Andy Wren

Andy Wren

How well do you know Team FDM?

Meet Andy Wren! Andy’s first job was a pint pourer in the Holiday Inn, Edinburgh.

We all have our embarrassing jobs, and Andy credits his to bartending at Frankenstein’s in Edinburgh. It was a horror theme bar. “Fun but weird,” says Andy. Luckily, he moved on to other ventures, such as Sygn in Edinburgh.

During his time at Sygn, Andy and his team won Scottish Style Bar of The Year for 3 years in a row. Don’t laugh – there are loads of good bars in Scotland!

Andy is no slouch in the bar scene as he bartended and managed venues in Edinburgh and Melbourne for 17 years, Sygn for 4.5 years, Berlin Bar in Melbourne for 6 months, and 1806 for 4.5 years. During his time at 1806 Andy worked as the Victorian whisky ambassador in VIC, working under the guidance of FDM’s very own, Gee David. His first ever session was a 65 person, ticketed event at Baranows Whisky and Cigar Bar, no pressure.

After that Andy joined Bacardi Lion as the Victorian Brand Ambassador where he worked for 4 years on Dewar’s and Grey Goose Vodka as the national lead. In his most recent role prior to Southtrade On Premise Sales Manager, Andy worked as a Brand Manager at Dewars.


Andy Wren

FDM was lucky enough to grab Andy for a few questions before heading out in the trade!


What is your most memorable shift at a bar?

Working at 1806 and Robert De Niro walked in on a Saturday night. He sat on the balcony right above my station and enjoyed a few gin Martinis. Came back 3 nights in a row too. Legend.


If you could eliminate one cocktail from bar menus everywhere, what would it be and why?

Godfather. Amaretto and whisky is almost as bad a mixing it with lemonade.


You’re stuck on an island for the rest of your life, and can only choose one cocktail to drink for eternity, what is it and why?

Miami Vice – you actually get 2 cocktails in one glass. Absolute classic.


If you weren’t working in the spirits industry, where would you be working?

I’d be a physio. I’m already a qualified Sports Therapist and was about to do post grad in physiotherapy when I returned to Scotland from my “around the world” trip. I just haven’t made it back yet.


What is the most underrated drink and why?

Starward and Tonic – Genius. Everyone needs to taste this! The result is so much more than the sum of the two parts.

Andy’s Career Achievements

Scottish Style Bar of The Year for 3 years in a row- Sygn

Nominated for Australian Brand Ambassador of the year 2015, 2016.

World’s Best Cocktail List (Tales of The Cocktail)- 1806