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FDM Profiles: Lizzie Jay

The One, The Only, Lizzie Jay


You may know Lizzie from our cocktail videos, or maybe you’ve heard the boisterous laugh all the way from Cairns to Sydney, either way, you just know. Slinging drinks with the best of them, you’ll never be disappointed with a signature cocktail served by the biggest FDM personality. When Lizzie got a spare moment, she sat down with team FDM to answer a few questions over a beverage or two.



FDM: Favourite thing working in the drinks industry?

Lizzie: I love meeting new people from all walks of life and hopefully being a bartender they will remember. I love making people laugh, it’s a bit of a “world peace” answer but i genuinely do just love making peoples day with a perfect drink and the right amount of banter.

FDM: Most underrated drinking city?

Lizzie: Hands down CAIRNS FNQ! Firstly the setting of this electric little town is second to none perched right by the great barrier reef, it really is beautiful one day and perfect the next. But its not just the surroundings that are beautiful, The bartenders who call Cairns home are stunning and boy can they drink!
Coming from all corners of the world the bar-tending community here is a real family (a real good looking family) its a 7 night a week booze slinging- table dancing-agwa bombing- backpacker bonanza and you constantly feel like your on holiday (even if you’ve just knocked off and head to Woolshed or Gilligan’s for 1….or 10)

Now for the drinking holes.. The courtyard is a funky craft beer and cocktail joint right on the esplanade staffed by absolute legends that might i add are all 10’s across the board! Serving up an amazing Tex-Mex food menu paired with Agwa bombs that are always flowing! 

Three wolves is my other little gem that makes me yearn to return! Hidden away in a redbrick ally way, the boys decided to bring something a little different to Cairns and its an absolute hit 260+ whiskeys and counting, flawless service and a real taste of modern Australian cocktail culture.

Life is a little boring without Cairns, so do yourself a favour, get to cairns and don’t take yourself too seriously!



FDM: Favourite SouthTrade product?

Lizzie: Buffalo Trace and Corozón Tequila.. Please don’t make me chose between the two, they are like my children!

FDM:Advice for someone starting in the drinks industry. 

Lizzie: LISTEN! Listen to every bit of advice you are given. You may not agree with it but your managers have usually been around the block and are telling you something for a reason. If a manager is being hard on you its probably because they care and they want the best out of you (the Gordon Ramsay treatment). So listen, listen, listen! Sometimes you might learn what not to do and that is still a valuable lesson.

Bar tending in my opinion is about being passionate and continually learning and growing, there is nothing worse then a “know it all” behind a bar. The star of the show is the guest not us, so listen to the guest, listen to your coworkers, listen to your managers then go home and listen to some Led Zeppelin!

Oh and get to work 15 minutes early.. all the time, it’s worth it in the long run.

FDM: Whats your spirit animal?

Lizzie: It’s more of a who than a what…. Ricky Gervais is my spirit animal! I love going to work and making people laugh, and there is alcohol involved so let’s be a touch controversial not take each other too seriously.  




FDM: You win the lottery tomorrow, whats your first purchase?

Well, I guess I owe Gee a bottle of Pappy by now .. so x1 23year Pappy. Followed by a ticket to Netherlands for festival season, oh, and I want a house boat in Amsterdam, with dogs.. several dogs.