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FDM Profiles: Matt Hewitt

Matt Hewitt

How well do you know Team FDM?

Meet Matt Hewitt!  Matt has been bartending for 16 years at renowned Australia venues such as, Press Club, Empire Hotel, Family, The Bowery,The Zoo, and  The Gresham Bar, just to name a few! From 2008-2010, Matt ran his own consulting company, Ginlane. This included writing the cocktail lists and conducting training for the Katarzyna Group (Empire Hotel, Birdee’s, Press Club, Family, Cloudland). Matt also penned The Bowery cocktail list as well as being responsible for all the staff training.

In his most recent prior role to Southtrade, Matt served as Group Drinks director for Dap and Co. (The Gresham, Heya Bar, Libertine, Popolo Dining). In this role he controlled all stock, training, beer, wine, and cocktail lists for each venue while consuming as much Pappy as he could. (We would too)


matty hewitt

FDM sat down and got the low-down with Matt Hewitt: 


What is your most memorable shift at a bar?

Private bartender for Kate Hudson at the Bowery, mixing up Vodka Mojitos.


If you weren’t working in the spirits industry, where would you be working?

Probably the fitness industry, completely the opposite side of the fence.


What will be the next big drinks trend?

Aussie Craft- similar to food trends, farm to table style drinks.


What’s your spirit animal?



What’s your favourite Southtrade product?

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Matt’s Career Achievements

‘Bar Team’ of the Year 2005-Bartender Magazine, The Bowery- Head Bartender

‘Top Ten’ Finalist in ‘Bartender of the Year’ 2005-Bartender Magazine, The Bowery – Head Bartender

‘Top Ten’ Finalist in ‘Bartender of the Year’ 2006-Bartender Magazine, The Bowery – GM

‘National Finalist’ in Suntory Cup 2006

‘Top Ten’ Finalist in ‘Bartender of the Year’ 2007-Bartender Magazine, The Bowery – GM

Winner of Finlandia Cup-Represented Australia in Finland for the International Final, 2007 – GM

‘Bar Manager of the Year’-Alia and Bartender Magazine, 2007, The Bowery -GM

‘Bar of the Year’-Bartender Magazine and Gourmet Traveller, 2008, The Bowery -GM

‘Bar of the Year’-Bartender Magazine and Gourmet Traveller, 2015, The Gresham Bar -GM