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FDM Profiles: Nick Harris

Nick Harris

Bartender Extraordinaire

Nick Harris once turned a glass of water into a Martini, no one knows how, but he did. The extraordinary list of bars Nick has commanded truly shows the calibre of his bartending. Not only is Nick a stellar drink slinger, but also a topflight educator of all things drinks. There are few questions that have stumped him in through his career in the drinks industry.


Bar Rap Sheet:  2006 – 2017

Neighbourhood Pub

Black Pearl – back in the days of the French martini and Toblerone

Madame Brussels

Gin Palace

Vue de Monde

Kelvin Club

Kodiak Club

The Aviary

Wolf Lane

The George

El Publico

The Leederville Hotel

Nick was able to take some time between his modelling shoots to answer a few questions for Team FDM!

Nick Harris


If you could eliminate one cocktail from bar menus everywhere, what would it be and why?

None: every drink has its place!


You’re stuck on an island for the rest of your life, and can only choose one cocktail to drink for eternity, what is it and why?

Tommys Margarita, no scurvy and tequila is basically energy!


What will be the next big drinks trend?

80s cocktails – reworked using current cocktail ingredient trends


What is the most underrated drinking city and why?

Perth – Clearly!


You win the lottery tomorrow. What’s your first purchase and why?

More lottery tickets, it’s clearly a sound investment!


What advice do you have for someone just starting in the drinks industry?

Learn as much as you possibly can from every discipline and from every type of manager and peer you possibly can, this will leave you with a broad skill set and good ability to make choices in your interaction with peers manager, owners and your own staff.