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FDM Profiles: Pat Pamiloza

From The Tropics To South Australia

The tropical islands of the Whitsundays is where Pat started his hospo journey many moons ago. Running the island swim-up bar with a cracked I-Pod playing CoCo Jumbo, man those were beautiful times.

After that, Pamiloza moved to Sydney where he was a booze slinger at Dragonfly, Piano Room & Cave at Star City.

Sydney couldn’t hold him forever though as he ventured to Adelaide to work with: The ApothecaryGrace Establishment, Four Doors +1 & Martini.

During that time in 2013, Pat was a trainer at SouthTrade, and fell in love with the brands & culture. This is when he strapped in for the ride and never looked back!

In between dreaming of the pool bar days and tasting the new Adelaide Hills Native Grain Whiskey, Pat sat down with FDM for a few questions.




What is your most memorable shift at a bar?

Onetime at a poolside bar, A hotel guest tried to jump from his 9th floor balcony to the pool. He didn’t make it, he fell through the metal roof and landed on a staff member. Baffling times…he survived.



You’re stuck on an island for the rest of your life, and can only choose one cocktail to drink for eternity, what is it and why?

I’ll go with Mojitos, so fresh & so clean, clean.



If you weren’t working in the spirits industry, where would you be working?

I like people & outdoors, so maybe fitting you into a kayak at BCF. 



What will be the next big drinks trend?

The Agave drinks, so mysterious in Australia.


You win the lottery tomorrow. What’s your first purchase and why?

A dog park with a bar, love the pups and the sun. 



What’s your spirit animal?

Remember the kung-fu bear with a light-saber? 



What’s your favourite Southtrade product?

Corazon Tequila…The juice is soo good, you got to try it!