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Jamie Muscat

FDM Educator- NSW

One of the youngest members of the FDM training team, Jamie is proof that hard work, passion and loving what you do are ingredients for success.

Jamie started his hospitality career working at functions, events and restaurants where he dedicated himself to learning as much as he could about bartending, service and floor skills. With his dedication to attention to detail Jamie was quickly promoted to management positions and mentored by industry veterans such as Charlie Parker’s Mario la Pietra and Maybe Frank’s Andrea Gualdi to become a strong cocktail bartender and has since worked at leading cocktail venues such as Sydney’s Palmer & Co.

With his enthusiasm for all things cocktail and relevant experience about how to work your way up the industry ladder from scratch quickly, Jamie is a great resource for other next generation bartenders to learn from his first-hand experience. Jamie has lead numerous bar skill classes and consumer tasting events around Sydney and is always happy to answer bartender questions.

“Give me a dry gin Martini with a twist and I’m all yours!” – Jamie Muscat

Favourite Spirit: Gin. Jamie prefers to try a new gin served on the rocks with no other mixer or garnish to appreciate the delicate balance of the botanicals. His cocktail of choice is a Dry Gin Martini.