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Master of The Craft: Lee Potter Cavanagh

Lee Potter Cavanagh

A highly respected, well-decorated bartender and bar owner with a wealth of experience in the On-Premise, Lee Potter Cavanagh is no stranger to craft spirits.  Last month he joined the SouthTrade team to take the reins as the NSW Craft Spirits Ambassador.  In between running his own bar, Rosenbaum And Fuller, and buzzing around Sydney to speak the word of Aussie craft, LPC sat down with FDM to answer just a few questions.


Lee Potter Cavanagh


FDM: Hey Lee, could you give us a brief background about your career in the industry?

LPC: I’ve been in the industry for 18 years, starting in Sydney it has taken me to London and all around the world before opening my own bar, Rosenbaum & Fuller, in Bondi Beach in 2018 just up the road from where I started in 2001.



FDM: Why do you think it’s important to embrace Australian craft?

LPC: There are so many incredible options available now! If you’re passionate about quality booze, championing your area, and trying to be as sustainable as possible then you really should be all over Aussie hooch.


FDM: What’s your favourite Aussie craft spirit and why?

LPC: Something Wild Beverages Green Ant Gin. Firstly, it’s bloody delicious! Secondly, it is embracing Australian indigenous ingredients and actually supporting the culture that has maintained these ingredients forever.


FDM: What’s your prediction into what the next big trend in the spirits industry will be.

LPC: That’s a no brainer, local spirits!


FDM: When you’re not talking shop about booze, what are you doing?

LPC: Talking shop about food! Closely followed by music, society, and culture.


FDM: What’s your go to cocktail and why?

LPC: Whichever the bar I’m in is most excited to make, there is always horses for courses. If I need to I’ll fall back to a Martini, Whisky Highball, or an Espresso Martini.


FDM: If you weren’t in the booze industry what would you be doing?

LPC: I completed a degree in Social Work many moons ago, so probably working for an NGO commenting on Australian social policy.