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Our Favourite Spots: Tio’s Cervecería

Tio's 6
Tio's Cervecería
4-14 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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We all have those disastrous tequila memories, or lack thereof for that matter. There are always exceptions though, for instance, Tio’s Cerveceria. You’ll want to remember every last detail of this Surry Hills tequila den! From the outside, Tio’s looks like it belongs somewhere within the borders of the Red-Light District, but step one foot inside, and you’ll transport to a slice of Mexico. In a society of dark drinking spots, Tio’s blasts you with an extravagant amount of colour. From the neon Tio’s sign to the intricate wall art to the bar adorned with countless bottles of the finest tequila and mezcal that’ll please anyone.

The Church of Tequila

Tequila is a religious experience for the crew at Tio’s and they do the same to pass that holy sacrament on to you. Yes, you may see religious figurines around the establishment, but just like you, are looking to enjoy a drink or two. Did you know that Tio’s sent their bartenders to Mexico in 2017? Now, that is pure dedication to the craft! You’ll always been in good hands when ordering a drink, whether it be a Paloma, Margarita or Mezcal Sazerac that bar manager,  Alex “Happy” Gilmour, credits as his current favourite drink to sling behind the bar.

In true FDM style, we had to ask our friend Happy for his drinks industry hot take!

People will continue to become educated drinkers. They are going to start to ask even more questions!



Tio’s Signature Drink: Tiki Tila

Tio's Cervecería Tiki Tila


30ml Corazón Blanco

20ml Homemade Banana Brandy

30ml Fresh Pressed Lime Juice

15ml Spiced Syrup- peppercorn, chilli, anisette

Method: The Tiki Tila is built swizzle style over crushed ice

Garnish with a Pandan Leaf and Chilli Flower

Tio’s Cervecería

4-14 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Monday-Saturday: 4.pm.-12 a.m.