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Our Favourite Spots: Uncle Kurt’s

Uncle Kurt's
Uncle Kurt's Bar
Beneath City Centre Carpark, Horwood Place, Parramatta NSW 2150


The Best in The West: Uncle Kurt’s

Shave half your fancy moustache, cut your suspenders, and leave your pretentious attitude at home. In an industry saturated with refined style, Uncle Kurt’s in Parramatta drop-kicks the bar industry status quo right in the chest. Located under a City of Parramatta Carpark, you may be hesitant to give it a shot, but if you don’t, you’re only kidding yourself. Parramatta often gets a bad rap, but Uncle Kurt’s proves the masses wrong with its New York City grunge style mixed with the charm of the Western Suburbs. With a drinks menu that competes with the finest in Australia and food options that rival the Carnegie Deli, Uncle Kurt’s is the wild card bar that has Sydney shaking in its boots.


Since late 2016, George Makram, owner, has been bringing a positive force to Parramatta, and it shows. In 2018, Uncle Kurt’s was named Time Out Neighbourhood Bar of The Year!


It’s like liquid cooking- George Makram, Uncle Kurt’s

Head bartender Alex Coleman and his creative staff handcraft a selection of their syrups, infusions, tinctures, bitters and carve their own ice daily. Stop by for a Westside cocktail or the famous Carpark Martini, both utilise their storied Parramatta Bitters. Like the city itself, every Uncle Kurt’s cocktail has a unique flavour that compliments the great pride they have in the craft.

Don’t let the white bars over the windows deter you from visiting this fine establishment. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is laid back, and the drinks are stellar.  Instead of going to the same place day after day, why not impress yourself and head to Parramatta to quench your thirst and tame your appetite? Just look for the glowing red hatchet located under the carpark and you know you’re set!


Signature Drink: The Westside