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Births and Deaths Sustainability
Births & Deaths
2/74 Kembla St, Wollongong NSW 2500

The Births & Deaths of Ingredients

One man’s drink waste is another man’s drink ingredient! The newest venture from the Good Times Only Group preaches sustainability to the core.

Births & Deaths started its journey in November of 2017 when Jared Huk (part owner) strolled  into The Howlin Wolf for a quick beverage. Behind the bar that afternoon was Ben Abraham (part owner), and they quickly struck up a conversation while throwing back a few drinks. Soon after, Luke Symons (part owner) and Scott Mileto (part owner) rocked up and the the four proceeded to imbibe with their new found friend far into the night. It was that night the quartet decided they should open a cocktail bar together. Seldom do we see drunken pacts like this come to fruition, but this time it’s for real! Jared brought his extensive cocktail bar knowledge back to Wollongong, and started the journey with the rest of The Good Times Group to open Births & Deaths. Just one year after the cocktail bar pact, Births & Deaths officially opened. Talk about efficiency!


With little table service in Wollongong, it was decided that B&D would feature this along with a new themed cocktail menu every 8 weeks! “The idea of table service in Wollongong hasn’t really been done before, and we wanted to do something a bit different. People do really enjoy it, they can sit back and have a chat while not having to wait at a bar for twenty minutes.”


Did you know?

The vast majority of the spirits at B&D are Australian! #STRAYA

Births and Deaths Sustainability

The “S” Word

With a background in Aquaculture, Jared saw the need to bring sustainable ideas along with him to B&D. “We wanted to make that the focus, and that’s what we’ve done.” The bar operates with the minimal amount waste they can possibly have based on the number of people that come through the bar. They’re constantly learning new ways and techniques to cut down the waste. Every week they decreases their waste footprint whether it be through minimising packaging or crafting new methods to utilise open tonics at the end of the night.  Sustainable methods are seen in every aspect of  the bar right down to every drink on the cocktail list. From foraging ingredients around the South Coast to recycling food waste to use in their cocktail, B&D is sustainable down to the bone. Every little thing counts, and B&D shows us this idea with their new age approach to bartending.


Looking to get out of Sydney? Maybe you’re looking for new sustainable ideas? Just keen to taste a crackin’ cocktail?

Make the trip to Wollongong, and make sure you visit Jared and the rest of the Births & Deaths crew! You won’t be disappointed, that’s an FDM guarantee!


Signature Cocktail:

All Black Everything

All Black Everything


30ml Mr. Black 

30ml Amaro Montenegro

30ml Illawarra plum sauce

1 dash Black walnut bitters

Check out the FDM Cocktail Bible to see how to make some of B&D’s sustainable cocktails!