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FDM presents: The Gresham, Brisbane

The Gresham
The Gresham
308 Queen St Brisbane, Brisbane City QLD 4000


You haven’t really had a drink in Brisbane, if you haven’t had a drink at The Gresham

Having the only Heritage Bar License in Queensland, The Gresham is a drinking establishment shrouded in history. If you’re looking for the full rundown on it, check it out here.

Since opening in 2013, it’s clear to see why, The Gresham has become not only a Brisbane staple, but also an Australia wide go-to bar. It’s multi-award winning and recognised on an international level for it’s quality.

The Gresham offers the finest Bourbon, whisky, rum, gin and just about everything in between. Not only is their selection extensive, but also is the craft that goes into creating each of their artisan cocktails.


Opening hours ensure you’re almost certain to always get a drink… from a delicious coffee and a quick snack at breakfast time, the bar then morphs into the local pub, the meeting point, the cocktail bar, the late night lounge, the whisky den and so on….

The bar team (Recognised as 2017’s BEST by Bartender Magazine) are super friendly, super knowledgable and always attentive to the needs of their customers. There is a ‘Whisk(e)y Room‘ that displays a wall filled with some of the rarest and finest examples from all over the world.

Ryan Lane, Bar Manager is the ultimate host and avid whisky collector, tirelessly sourcing labels from international markets to entice and educate his guests with some exquisite drams….. Along with seasonally adjusted, wonderfully balanced cocktails, the over all experience at The Gresham just keeps you coming back for more, time after time.

Service should be the number one standout at bars. There are some different styles of bars, niche bars, nightclubs, any sort of bar, service is the key factor. – Ryan Lane, Bar Manager

Signature Drink

“The Journey”


1 Part Steve Perry

1 Part Neil Schon

1 Part Jonathan Cain

1 Part Ross Valory

1 Part Steve Smith


For anyone that doesn’t get this – The Journey were a rock band, formed in San Francisco in 1973 (the year Gee was born…) and had a strong of hits that included  “Don’t Stop Believin’” – so now you know….? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k8craCGpgs


How To:

Pour all ingredients into glass with ice and stir until chilled or until you hear the faint piano line of “Don’t Stop Believin'”