Elderflower Spritz

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The Elderflower liqueur is a beautifully delicate, floral and fragrant addition to so many cocktails.

It is versatile enough to be paired with any white spirits and particularly shines with apples, grapes and pears,

As a twist to a classic cocktail, try it out with some heavy spirits like smoky islay whiskies and intense flavoured mezcals.


The Spritz is one of the most popular forms of cocktails being consumed these days and of course Aperol is a stand-out favourite.


Check out the Elderflower spritz for a lighter, more floral version….


Marie Brizard Elderflower Liqueur
Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine
Fever-Tree Soda Water
Lemon wedge garnish and sprig of thyme

How to

Step 1

Fill a glass with ice

Step 2

Add the ingredients in the above order

Step 3

Stir well to combine

Alcohol Type:
Glass Type:
Wine Glass/Goblet
Taste Profile:
Modern Classic

A Spritz gets its name from the Austrian word Sprtizer, which is used to describe a drink of white wine and soda. Nowadays any flavour combination of vermouth, liqueur, soda, wine or sparkling wine can be referred to as a Spritz.