Old Fashioned

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With almost every ‘classic’ cocktail there are disputes about the origins and the Old Fashioned has recently been researched by cocktail historian, Dave Wondrich.
The tale most told was that the Old Fashioned was collectively created around 1900 by Colonel James Pepper, a bourbon distiller, and a bartender at the Pendennis Club in Louisville.
Known as a ‘palate paralyser’, it even has a Cole Porter song in its honour.

However, Dave’s findings show it was more of a term used to describe the cocktails being made before 1870, after which a new style of cocktail was being introduced. Drinks like the Manhattan and Martini were replacing the original ‘Old Fashioned’ drinks consisting of
spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters – which defined the original term cocktail.

The Old Fashioned essentially sweetens, chills, dilutes, and subtly flavours the whiskey; an easy way to make any spirit palatable and interesting, great variations are possible with different spirit bases, flavoured sugars and now even smoked ice can be introduced…

Patience is key to getting the balance of chilling and dilution just right, everytime.



Brown Sugar Cube
Dashes Angostura bitters
Dashes Orange bitters
Splash Soda Water
Buffalo Trace

How to

Step 1

Place the sugar cube on a clean cocktail napkin and soak the sugar cube in both types of bitters

Step 2

Place soaked sugar cube in a Rocks glass and crush with a bar spoon with the soda to help dissolve the sugar. Continue to agitate until as much sugar as possible is dissolved

Step 3

Add half the bourbon and stir to start the dilution and chilling

Step 4

Continue stirring and top with a little more ice

Step 5

Add the remainder of the Bourbon continue to stir to combine flavours

Step 6

When the drink is chilled and at the correct dilution it is ready to serve

Step 7

Garnish with an orange twist

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Rock/Standard & Double Old Fashioned Glass
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