The Budapest Bath

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Created for the Southern Comfort Travelling Tales Competition by Claudia Morgan, The Dominion League, WA.

Some of my best memories travelling around Europe were in Budapest. I fell in love with the beauty of the city and spent most of my time doing charades to Hungarians to get directions, making use of the 24 hour liquor stores, the late night food outlets and remedying the hangover with a trip to the hot springs in the centre of the city. While I was over there I discovered in most restaurants paprika was right next to the salt and pepper and they seemed to put paprika on everything, so that was the inspiration flavour.



Southern Comfort
hazelnut fat washed Buffalo Trace
hot water
Sweet Paprika sugar syrup
dashes chocolate bitters

How to

Step 1

Add ingredients to a heat proof jug

Step 2

Stir and pour into a rocks glass

Step 3

rimmed with smoke paprika

Step 4

Garnish with orange peel

Alcohol Type:
Whisky Liqueur
Glass Type:
Rock/Standard & Double Old Fashioned Glass
Taste Profile: